Optimum EFX Ambassadors

Become an Optimum EFX ambassador and earn rewards by showing your passion for research-based, results-driven supplements.

What is a Supplement Brand Ambassador?

As a supplement brand ambassador, you’ll represent Optimum EFX and our Informed-Sport Certified supplements. By helping grow the Optimum EFX brand with the same level of intensity you use in the gym, you’ll unlock exclusive discounts, samples, gift cards, and more.

We’re all about results. The more content a nutrition brand ambassador produces, the bigger the rewards.

Why Rep Optimum EFX?

We share your dedication for fitness and performance. Our supplements pack a punch with ingredients that meet or exceed the required dosages indicated by research. And we do it using ZERO banned substances, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. All of our supplements are Informed-Sport Certified and are free of all substances banned in professional and Olympic sports. 

By becoming an Optimum EFX supplement brand ambassador, you’ll show the world your commitment to clean, research-driven performance. Optimum EFX doesn’t taste like candy – it tastes like results.

Who Can Apply?

Practically anyone can apply to be a nutrition brand ambassador. If you have a passion for Optimum EFX products and can create engaging social content, you’re on your way to becoming part of the team!

Our Ambassadors Should Also:

  • Love Optimum EFX
  • Be 18 or older
  • Maintain an active social media presence
  • Complete two missions monthly

Become A Supplement Brand Ambassador

You can start earning rewards immediately after your application is approved.

The signup process is even easier than the paperwork at your local gym. Click the button below to get started!