Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of your personal information is taken very seriously by Optimum EFX Formulations. Our Privacy Policy is in regards to information gathered through our company website Using or accessing our website will be considered an agreement by you of the terms included in this Privacy Policy and consent by you to the collection and use of information gathered through this website. Please contact us directly by phone or email and please do not use this website if you do not agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Optimum EFX Formulations reserves the right to amend this policy at any time and such changes or amendments will be posted to this website immediately upon becoming effective. Continued use of this website will be considered your consent to these changes.

We, Optimum EFX Formulations, understand that our client’s privacy is extremely important and we diligently work to keep your business transactions with us private and secure as we possibly can and to the level our elite clients expect.

Optimum EFX Formulations does not sell any of your personal information including email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses or account holder data to any third party or outside entity. We may use and share information with a third-party that is specifically involved in the processing and shipment of your order, the processing of your payments, website data collection or the approval of your Affiliate application submitted through this website. Information collected through this website that does not uniquely identify you may also be shared for the purposes of improving our services and website friendliness.

Optimum EFX Formulations does reserve the right to use or share information if we believe the disclosure of that information is vital to the performance of this website or is required by law in order to protect you and others that use this website and have agreed to the terms of our privacy policy.

In regards to personally identifiable account information, Optimum EFX Formulations reserves the right to collect personal information that may be shared with us voluntarily during the use of this website, your account setup, order processing, service issue resolution or assessment of your Affiliate account application. Also, information regarding IP addresses and the use of cookies may also be collected when you agree to the terms of this policy by accessing this website. Optimum EFXFormulations may collect, record or use any and all information and electronic communications including account applications, registered account demographics, financial information, contact information and other information needed to provide your requested service, resolve a service issue, communicate with you via phone/email/mail or provide you with company marketing and product information materials. The collection and use of this information is subject to applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

The full rights to freely collect, disclose or use any and all information gathered on this website will remain with Optimum EFX Formulations unless prohibited by applicable State or Federal Laws and Regulations or by Optimum EFX Formulations’ written Privacy Policy here.

In the cases of the sale of the company or significant change of operational control of Optimum EFX Formulations, any and all information owned by or under the control of Optimum EFX Formulations may be transferred to the new owning or controlling company unless prohibited by State and Federal Laws and Regulations or our company’s Privacy Policy.

In regards to Cookies and IP Addresses, Optimum EFX Formulations systems administrators may log IP addresses for the sole purpose of tracking website/webpage visits. We do not log or track any other information in regards to your use of this website using IP addresses. Optimum EFX Formulations may use Cookies to track the use of our website or to improve our client’s experience using our website. Cookies are used to improve our website’s overall friendliness and usefulness by showing us how our clients visit our website, when they visit our website and what pages they visited on our website. Cookies are also used for our client’s convenience and ease of use when visiting our website. It allows our website to remember and recognize who you are automatically when requesting information, logging into your account, placing orders or requesting additional services. Cookies can be disabled in your browser but keep in mind that your use of this website may be affected by disabling this function.

This website is designed for our client’s convenience, access to company/product information and use when submitting orders, service requests, tracking order status, updating account information and communicating directly with Optimum EFX Formulations. This website is intended for adult use only and is not designed to be used by anyone under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 and wish to learn more about Optimum EFX Formulations’ products and services please contact us directly at with your inquiries.

In regards to email communications, Optimum EFX Formulations may use your account information gathered through our website to communicate current promotions, order status, special offers, product change notifications, news and alerts to our current clients. You have the right to opt out of receiving email communications from Optimum EFX Formulations at any time. Remember, if you opt out of receiving email communications you may not be aware of current promotions, discounts, order status, shipment notifications, product changes or website improvements.

In regards to our client’s website account security, Optimum EFX Formulations controls and limits access to client accounts and personal information. Only the employees and third parties who must access your information in order to provide you with your requested service will be granted access to your personal account information. We have applied standard security measures to help protect your personal information under our control from misuse or theft. Although standard security steps like encrypting your credit card information and providing a secure connection are being utilized to secure your personal information under our control, Optimum EFX Formulations can’t guarantee that misuse of your personal information will not occur. Even though security measures are in place, if you remain concerned about the security of your personal information when using this website we recommend that you contact us directly via phone or email and do not use our website to place orders. In the case of a security breach or unauthorized access to your personal information occurs Optimum EFX Formulations will notify you immediately upon becoming aware of such a breach and in accordance with State and Federal Laws and Regulations.

In regards to clients’ requests for changes to their personal account information or access to their own personal or account information collected or recorded, Optimum EFX Formulations asks that you make these requests in writing via email at or by phone.

In regards to third-party websites, Optimum EFX Formulations is not responsible for any and all Optimum EFX related company or product content found on any other website but ours at Our website may link or be linked to other websites that are not owned or managed by Optimum EFX Formulations but we do not take any responsibility for the quality, security, practices and policies of any third-party company/website and any issue that arises from a transaction with a third-party company or website must be resolved through that company or website. is our company’s official website and we take full responsibility for the practices and policies of this website only. We recommend reviewing the privacy policies of any third-party company or website selling Optimum EFX products to understand their security measures prior to submitting an order or providing personal information online.