No fitness regimen is complete without post-workout supplements. The training might be over, but there’s still work to do. Recovery and sleep support is just as crucial as your next workout.

Sure, we all miss leg day from time to time. But no one wanting to achieve their goals should skip rest day.

How Our Supplements Can Benefit You

Optimum EFX post-workout supplements help you maximize recovery with our research-backed and synergistic approach. All of our supplements are designed to compound their effectiveness when taken together.

Our recovery and sleep supplements:

  • Replenish your body’s signaling amino acids
  • Maximize protein synthesis to help build and preserve muscle
  • Minimize muscle breakdown to maintain gains 
  • Prevent post-training cramps
  • Promote restful sleep

Fatigue and sore muscles? No, thank you. Optimum EFX can eliminate central nervous system overexcitement and muscular hypertonicity.

And get ready to count more sheep than bench reps – you’ll unlock more sleep support than you ever dreamed possible. Shop Optimum EFX for supplements that will boost your recovery.

Taste Greatness

Admit it. Worrying about getting the desired effects from your post-workout supplements is boring. Optimum EFX has eliminated the dull guesswork by meeting or exceeding research-backed required dosages.

And since we’re Informed-Sport Certified, you know that all of our supplements are free of every known banned substance in Olympic and professional sports.

The less time you spend worrying about what’s in your supplements, the more time you can spend focusing on recovery. Just drink it. We’ve done the rest.