All Optimum EFX athletic performance supplements are Informed Sport-Certified, which means they are free of all the known banned substances in all professional and Olympic sports. That’s because we take both your health and your athletic eligibility seriously. Our Informed-Sport Certification is a major part of our ZERO PROMISE. We ensure all our supplements feature ZERO banned substances, ZERO artificial flavorsZERO artificial colors, and ZERO artificial sweeteners.

Informed-Sport Certification

Our certification comes from Informed Sport, a global program aimed at ensuring the quality of facilities that manufacture supplements and sport nutrition products. Informed-Sport certifies that each product batch bearing their logo has been tested for all substances banned by the premier sport anti-doping lab, LGC.

Shop Optimum EFX for supplements approved by all Professional and Olympic sports.

Our Informed-Sport Certified Products

Amino Matrix

This world-class intra-workout athletic performance supplement and recovery fuel is designed to increase your exercise capacity and reduce muscle breakdown. It may also lower your cortisol levels and improve fat mobilization. It comes in grape, orange, and green apple flavors as well.

Just Essentials

This premium source of free-form essential amino acids promotes protein synthesis and muscle regeneration to preserve your muscles. 

It’s also vegan sourced. Available in green apple or orange.


Our central nervous system recovery complex is specifically designed to improve your recovery. Its ingredients synergistically work to induce a state of calm in your nervous system, which eliminates central nervous system over excitement and muscular hyper-tonicity.


We have designed NeurOn to be a full spectrum, multimodal, balanced neural drive and cognitive enhancing supplement. It enhances motor unit recruitment, reaction times, and focus under conditions – even while fatigued. 


NeurON SF is the perfect athletic performance supplement for those who are sensitive to stimulants or simply want to avoid them. It offers all the benefits of NeurON while being completely stimulant free.

Shred Signal

This fat burner is an excellent way to accelerate your fat loss and increase your metabolism. It converts stubborn white fat to burnable brown fat to increase weight loss while supporting healthy blood sugar levels and amplifying your body’s response to exercise. Plus, it contains zero stimulants. 


Our high-quality whey protein isolate is made to support tissue repair and optimize your body’s protein utilization. It is designed to be the most bioavailable and fastest digesting all-natural protein you can get. And like all our products, it is Informed-Sport Certified.