Fat Loss / Lean / Sweat

Optimum EFX products, including our fat loss supplements, are not just about shedding pounds; They’re a commitment to excellence, backed by science and tailored for the competitive mindset. Explore our meticulously formulated products, all meeting or exceeding research-backed dosages. Elevate your game, shut out the noise, and embrace the taste of greatness with Optimum EFX – because average is never an option.

How Our Supplements Can Benefit You

Eliminating stubborn fat can be a pain. That’s why you should turn to Optimum EFX. Our Shred Signal is a powerhouse fat loss supplement – a stimulant-free fat burner and exercise response booster. It accelerates fat loss, boosts carbohydrate metabolism, and activates thermogenic fat cells, helping you sculpt your body composition all while being stimulant-free.

Amino Matrix is your essential amino and recovery fuel. It lowers cortisol levels, amplifies exercise capacity, safeguards against muscle breakdown, and even helps mobilize fat all while tasting great.

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What Sets Our Supplements Apart

Optimum EFX has worked hard to craft the most effective fat loss supplements in the industry. Each of our supplements is unique, effective, and synergistic, meeting or exceeding the required dosages as indicated by research. All Optimum EFX supplements are Informed-Sport Certified, which means they’re free of every known banned substance in professional and Olympic sports, and every Optimum EFX products comes with our "ZERO" Promise — ZERO banned substances, artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Crafted for professional athletes, biohackers, and the hyper-aware, our products are the embodiment of effectiveness.