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  • Increase Your Focus

    NeurON is a blend of ingredients that has a near instantly perceivable effect. It will deliver mental clarity, concentration, motivation, and energy without jitters or feelings of anxiousness. These ingredients use multiple mechanisms of action to develop a zen-like focus and mental energy to fue...
  • Accelerate Recovery With Revitapro

    With zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or dyes, and no soy lecithin, this delicious 100% whey protein isolate delivers the recovery you need to rebound from your hardest workouts. Accelerate Your Recovery and Build Muscle With A Pure, Precise and Premium Quality Whey Protein Isolate Wit...
  • Do This Every Time You Train

    Every time you begin to train you are presented with a unique opportunity. Under normal circumstances, you have relatively little blood flow going to your muscles. But once you start to train, blood flow increases exponentially to the exact thing you’re trying to change, your muscles. So why, wou...

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Curious about how to boost your focus? Learn through our blog how Optimum EFX’s NeurON enhances your energy, motivation, concentration, and mental clarity. Our blog will also tell you what to look for when shopping for amino acids (we offer free-form amino acids), how to eliminate inflammation, and even how Optimum EFX’s RevitaPRO can accelerate your recovery.

You can even discover tips for amplifying your training, like taking our unique Optimum EFX Amino Matrix supplement, in our blog.

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Research shows that one in ten sport supplement brands are contaminated with the compounds and ingredients prohibited in sports. That’s why we take the extra steps to be Informed-Sport Certified, assuring that our supplements contain ZERO substances that are banned in Professional and Olympic sports.

At Optimum EFX, we provide highly effective supplements and advice for elite, professional athletes, young athletes, the sleep deprived, the stressed, and the health conscious. Our products are unique and synergistic. 

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