Neuroff CNS Recovery Complex

  • Improve Recovery
  • Relax Tense Muscles
  • Promote Restful Sleep
  • Prevent Post-Training Cramps
  • Support Healthy Cortisol Response
  • All Natural Flavors And Sweeteners



Supplement Facts


Informed Sport

Regenerate, Relax, and Restore

A Formula 1 car is an awesome piece of engineering.

But not because it can go from 0-60 insanely fast – a lot of cars now do that.

It is awesome because it can also go back to zero at a mind-numbing pace.

The need to turn off is absolutely critical to improving performance and is woefully underappreciated in the supplement world.

NeurOFF represents your secret weapon to get back to zero so the recovery process can start.


Relax, Regenerate and Restore! Relaxation = Recovery

The components of NeurOFF act synergistically to support your innate ability to achieve a state of nervous calm through the elimination of central nervous system overexcitement and muscular hyper-tonicity.

Achieving a calm, positive state with optimum resting tone will speed recovery time.  Muscles that are overstimulated tend to fatigue quickly which can result in muscle spasms, cramps and limited range of motion.

Optimal recovery depends upon a timely return from training-induced stimulation to a state of total relaxation of the mind and body.


NeurOFF has been carefully designed to rebalance the CNS and directly return the muscles to an optimal resting tone.

In addition to aiding exercise recovery, NeurOFF can aid in your ability to cope with daily life challenges as well as allowing you to enjoy a prompt and restful sleep.  As an additional benefit, it contains herbs that improve the ability of athletes to cope with daily life challenges and ongoing physical stress, as well as aiding to manage and enjoy good sleep.

Though relaxing, this formula will actually tend to improve concentration and maintain mental functioning.

When you train and compete at intense levels, you walk a very fine line between overtraining and training just enough.  Even in perfect circumstances, training by itself is a stress on the body.  To get the maximum performance from your muscles, you require just the right amount of training coupled with appropriate rest and recovery periods.

Discover How Targeted Neural Response® Is Your Key to Maximizing Workout Performance and Optimizing Recovery

Over the past ten years, scientists and athletes have realized the importance of pre and post workout nutrition.  We have come to understand that the timing and proper macronutrient profiles are the key.

What has been critically neglected, however, is the timing with respect to optimizing the nervous system – both for pre-workout stimulation and post-workout recovery.

Optimizing the neural drive and maximizing the mind-muscle connection are crucial in order to lift, run, or jump with maximum intensity.

In fairness, many have recognized this and brought various products to the market for this exact purpose; but none have addressed the post-workout nervous system needs. Indeed, all of these neural drive products have lacked in 2 distinct ways.

First, they have relied too heavily (exclusively in some cases) on the use of caffeine and have grossly under dosed (far below research supported dosages) other important nutrients. This is often manifested under the disguise of some claim of a “proprietary blend” which doesn’t list the amounts of these critical and expensive ingredients.

Additionally, it became apparent that the athlete wasn’t able to start the recovery process until they had “come back down”.

Football players would play a game at 1pm and be wired, then consequently be unable to begin the recovery process until 11pm or later.

Track athletes would run 2 hard rounds in one day and be so neurally charged that combined with the anticipation of the next day’s rounds, they would never really unwind and come back to a normal level of nervous excitement and muscle tone before that next day! This clearly was unacceptable.

NeurON provides the neural drive and concentration to maximize workouts, while NeurOFF ensures the quick recovery and return to resting state of the Central Nervous System (CNS), as well as modulation of cortisol response to the workout stress.

Think of it as the ON and OFF switch. Optimum EFX has now given you the ability to turn it ON before hard training and competitions and turn if it OFF to speed recovery!

For pre-workout nutrition to maximize training gains:
Check out NeurON for ALL of your Pre-Workout needs.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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