Our “ZERO” Promise at Optimum EFX

Clean supplements can be hard to find, yet they’re critical for athletes in professional and Olympic sports. All Optimum EFX supplements have been created for world-class athletes, and that means no fillers. When you buy a product from us, you can trust there are zero artificial flavors, artificial colors, and artificial sweeteners. That’s why it’s our “ZERO” promise.

Why Is the “Zero” Promise Important?

All Optimum EFX supplements are Informed-Sport Certified clean supplements, which means they are certified to be free of every known banned substance in professional and Olympic sports.

We keep the BS out of our supplements and promise our supplements aren’t putting useless, unnecessary chemicals into your body. If you care more about taste and unscientific trends than actual long-term results, then Optimum EFX may not have the products for you—but if you want no filler supplements that actually work, choose Optimum EFX.

The Making of Optimum EFX Clean Supplements

Every single one of our products is manufactured in registered GMP facilities in the U.S. and then tested to make sure they meet our required standards. Pure and potent – we’ve done the research and testing to ensure that our products can safely and effectively increase your performance and recovery.

Each supplement has been created by Ian Danney, a trainer of professional athletes and former Olympian, using his biochemistry background to meet the high supplementation demands of professional and Olympic athletes. Each and every ingredient is dosed at effective levels according to scientific studies and real-world experience.

If you want the highest quality supplements available that contain no BS, then stop searching and buy Optimum EFX supplements now. If you have any questions about our products contact us. We are here to help.