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About Optimum EFX


About Ian Danney

I didn’t set out to start a business or even build a supplement company. I set out to solve a problem.  Find properly dosed, clinically effective, well-formulated supplements that actually worked! You know, do what they claimed they did.  Ones that were experiential- you could feel it work.  As a former elite athlete and Olympian, I experienced this dilemma first hand. Now as a trainer who has worked with over 300 professional and world-class athletes across nearly every sport, I ran into the same problem. What I realized was I would have to create these formulas to meet my athletes' needs. In order to maximize performance and increase recovery, I am hyper-focused on optimizing how I fuel my client’s bodies.

You may have found optimum EFX because you are looking to improve your performance, recover faster, sleep better, have more energy, or maybe you just want to look good naked. Perhaps you saw one of the professional athletes I train using the products. However you got here, I want to know that you found the right place.

Ian Training James Harris

I have been solving these problems in professional athletes for 20 years.  One of the great things about what I do is that I have a real-world lab at my disposal. Hundreds of highly motivated athletes come to me and are put in an environment where everything is controlled. Their training, diet, recovery modalities and supplements. When I introduce products to this environment I get a real-world assessment of what effect they are imparting.  Now obviously, I start with well-researched products used in proper doses, but a lot of trial and error goes into finding the best combination, dose, and timing of intake. I wanted others to be able to benefit from the ongoing data I harvest from this unique lab on a daily basis.

My Passion

I created Optimum EFX because I’m passionate about helping people achieve their performance and fitness goals. Improving your fitness and quality of life is an ongoing journey. I want to be the guide on your journey. The best way I can do that is to create clean, sophisticated products that help in key areas that many people need.  A lot of research and testing has gone into innovating these products for elite athletes to achieve real results. Now you don’t have to think about what is the best when you buy an Optimum EFX formula. Just drink it. We’ve done the rest.TM

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