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NEURON V2.2 Caffeine Free


Pre-workout Essentials

Maximize Explosive Force
Enhance Focus and Coordination
Diminish perception of fatigue
Mobilize stored fat
Does not contain caffeine or any other stimulants

156 gram powder

“I’ve been using NEURON for the last 6 seasons and quite frankly, I won’t play without it.” Antoine Bethea – ProBowl NFL Safety
“I use NEURON to fuel my concentration and reaction times as I piloted my 2 man bobsled to 2 Olympic Gold Medals.” Kallie Humphries – 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
“NEURON always has me ready for the toughest workouts and is unbelievable for a controlled but intense focus on game day.” Paris Lenon – NFL Linebacker

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Product Description

Maximize Explosive Force, Enhance Focus & Improve Coordination – Caffeine Free

NEURON V2.2 – Caffeine Free is the ultimate tool in Neural Drive “mind-to-muscle” sports nutrition formulations. This balanced and synergistic combination of products acts to optimize muscular power output, improve agility and delay nervous fatigue. This is due to its role involving motor unit activation of muscle fibers and subsequent muscle contraction, and to its ability to enhance mental focus and speed.

NEURON V2.2 provides proper doses of a combination of nutrients and co-factors that are normally depleted during intense exercise. As a consequence, we have removed the limiting factors in the formation of endogenous substrates that limit fatigue, improve strength, and increase speed. NEURON V2.2 provides an immediate supply of these nutrients in the blood stream so optimal performance is ensured.

NEURON V2.2 is CAFFEINE FREE: Caffeine stimulates the CNS directly. This can increase the neural drive and decrease perception of fatigue and even decrease reaction time. However, caffeine in some individuals can lead to scattered thinking even at low doses. Over the years of training hundreds of elite athletes, coach Ian Danney has reached the following generalized conclusion.

Is Caffeine For Me?

People who are considered decision makers in their sport will typically do better without the caffeine while non-decision makers perform better with it. So for example, a QB (Quarterback) might want to use NEURON V2.2 Caffeine Free while a DT (Defensive Tackle) would typically want the caffeine in our NEURON V2.0 formula. Now of course, a QB doing a running/lifting workout could use the caffeine but not necessarily for game day. This is where having both condition specific formulas in your arsenal helps and further represents the forward thinking at Optimum EFX Formulations. See NEURON V2.0

Discover how Targeted Neural Response® is your key to maximizing workout performance and optimizing recovery

Over the past ten years, scientists and athletes have realized the importance of pre and post workout nutrition. We have come to understand that the timing and proper macronutrient profiles are the key. What has been critically neglected, however, is the timing with respect to optimizing the nervous system – both for pre workout stimulation and post workout recovery.

Optimizing the neural drive and maximizing the mind-muscle connection are crucial in order to lift, run, or jump with maximum intensity. In fairness, many have recognized this and brought various products to the market for this exact purpose; but none have addressed the post-workout nervous system needs. Indeed, all of these neural drive products have lacked in 2 distinct ways.

First, they have relied too heavily (exclusively in some cases) on the use of caffeine and have grossly under dosed (far below research supported dosages) other important nutrients.

But all that is history….OptimumEFX brought the first full spectrum, balanced neural drive product to the market. We know that taking dietary supplements can often be considered an act of faith as many times we cannot feel what they are doing. This is not the case here. The result is certainly a difference you can feel.

Pre-workout nutrition for maximizing training gains

NEURON V2.0 and V2.2 both have an almost instantly perceivable effect that is sustained for hours. Our NEURON formulas will improve the performance of speed athletes, endurance athletes and even those whose activities require extreme concentration – such as golfing and hitting a baseball. Businessmen or students can benefit from this product too, since it will give them increased mental energy and drive. An additional benefit of the NEURON formula is that it will improve fat mobilization (helping your body use fat for energy).

Over several years at Ian Danney’s Training Facilities, the formula has evolved as real life experimentation led to several refinements. Tested and perfected on hundreds of professional and Olympic athletes, we have found the following amazing results:
• 12% increase in weight load in a given training session
• 22 cm increase in Standing Broad Jump
• 20% reduction in rest time, resulting in athletes still able to use the same load and volume in a training session

Users Report

• Prolonged mental focus especially when fatigued
• Decreased perception of fatigue
• Increased feeling of well being
This pre-workout formula will yield immediate results; and by allowing you to increase training intensity and density, it will also impact the effectiveness of your training protocols.

Post-workout nervous system recovery is key to total recovery:see NEUROFF V1.1

Post workout care and regeneration of the nervous system is crucial and has been overlooked until now. Over time, we developed excellent pre-workout formulas and as a result, athletes increased their neural drive to new highs. But this, coupled with the stress of competition, had athletes “over excited” for a long period of time.

Additionally, it became apparent that the athlete wasn’t able to start the recovery process until they had “come back down”. Football players would play a game at 1pm and be wired, then consequently be unable to begin the recovery process until 11pm or later. Track athletes would run 2 hard rounds in one day and be so neurally charged that combined with the anticipation of the next day’s rounds, they would never really unwind and come back to a normal level of nervous excitement and muscle tone before that next day! This clearly was unacceptable.

It is out of this need that NEUROFF V1.1 was born. By taking this immediately after training and competing, our NEUROFF V1.1 supplement relaxes and restores over excitation of the nervous system. NEURON V2.0 and V2.2 provide the neural drive and concentration to maximize workouts, while NEUROFF V1.1 ensures the quick recovery and return to resting state of the Central Nervous System (CNS), as well as modulation of cortisol response to the workout stress. Think of it as the ON and OFF switch. Optimum EFX has now given you the ability to turn it ON before hard training and competitions and turn if it OFF to speed recovery!

Read How It Works: See NEUROFF V1.1

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.