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Our Pro Testimonials

Real professional athlete testimonials for your consideration

James Harrison – ProBowl NFL Linebacker

“Optimum EFX Neuron has helped me keep my game to a high level and compete against some of the best athletes in the world.”

James Andrew Harrison Jr. is an American football linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. He played college football for Kent State University, and was signed by the Steelers as an undrafted free agent in 2002. – Wikipedia

Terrell Suggs – NFL Linebacker

OptimumEFX is approved by NFL Linebacker Terrell Suggs“I wouldn’t dream of working out without AMINO MATRIX V3.0. When I take 3 scoops during my training sessions its almost impossible to get sore from working out.  And after a big game nothing gets me back to chill like NEUROFF.”

Kallie Humphries – 2X Olympic Gold in Bobsled

OptimumEFX is approved by NFL Linebacker Terrell Suggs“I used NEURON V1.2 to fuel my concentration and reaction times as I piloted my 2 man bobsled to two Olympic Gold Medals. My training and recovery also went through the roof when I added Amino Matrix V3.0 to my workout protocol”

Ryan Clark – ProBowl NFL Safety

NFL Safety Ryan ClarkI have been working with OptimumEFX using their formulas for 8 years. It was a big part of taking me from undrafted free agent to Pro-Bowler. I can always rely on the OptimumEFX products for results that are immediately perceivable and the ingredients are of the highest quality. I wouldn’t fuel my body with anything else.”

Antoine Bethea – ProBowl NFL Safety

NFL Safety Antoine BetheaThe entire OptimumEFX suite of products is fantastic. I have been using NEURON for the last 6 seasons and quite frankly I won’t play without it.  I have to order so much because all my teammates come to my locker to get fired up for game day.”

Paris Lenon – NFL Linebacker

NFL Linebacker Paris LenonI rely on OptimumEFX products to perform at my best. NEURON always has me ready for the toughest workouts and is unbelievable for a controlled but intense focus on game day.”