Finally, An Excuse NOT To Eat Your Greens

We try our best to eat clean nutritious meals but things like travel, work, and our hectic lifestyle get in the way.

Think of your last few meals. How many different colors were on your plate?

If you answered less than 5 you are probably not getting all the nutrients you need to function optimally.

Green Fuel represents a simple way to get our micronutrients and keep our health on track.


Green Fuel ensures that you are putting your body in the optimal environment for training and total health. This highly nutritious, super easy to use green drink will help do this on a daily basis.

One serving of Green Fuel will provide you with the equivalent of 10+ servings of fruits and vegetables per day, promoting a healthier and more balanced body, both physically and mentally.

Green Fuel

What we have found at Optimum EFX, is that most athletes and fitness enthusiasts don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, trying to do so without increasing sugar and carbohydrates too much can be a difficult task. We have worked to solve this problem with our great tasting Green Fuel.

Achieving optimum performance and health requires careful attention to nutrition. Fueling your body with powerful antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables is one of the more important ways to ensure peak performance.

Green Fuel is an all-natural powder containing a complete array of 68 vital superfoods, probiotics, antioxidants, fibers, healing enzymes, and a special blend of detoxifiers. Your body's optimum performance is dependent upon the maintenance of proper pH levels.

Just as the body needs to maintain a constant temperature at all times, it also needs to maintain a constant pH (acid-alkaline) level. The body functions optimally when its levels are slightly alkaline (high pH), but problems arise when the functions of daily living, digestion, metabolism, and stress create excessive acidity (low pH).

When such acids are generated, and then confounded by an acidic diet, the body's pH level can easily become unbalanced. Examples of acid-forming foods are meat, dairy, bread, pasta, sweets, caffeine, sodas, and alcohol.

An overly acidic body deters fat loss. A body in this state retains fat to protect itself from the acid build-up.

In order to avoid an unbalanced pH level and break through to that excess fat, it is important to consume alkalizing foods. Alkalizing foods are fresh, organic, raw, unaltered green foods that supply most of our essential nutrients.

Unfortunately, we typically neglect to eat these types of foods on a regular basis due to our stressful and busy lifestyles. That is why Green Fuel can be a vital supplement to your diet.

The ingredients in Green Fuel are excellent sources of antioxidants, probiotics, and phytonutrients - ingredients to help you maintain optimum alkalinity so that you may efficiently release stored fats.

By ordering Green Fuel today and including it into your nutrition and training program, you can assure yourself that you have chosen the best and highest quality green drink on the market.

Green Fuel

  • Balanced SuperFood Blend
  • Increase Energy
  • Promotes an Alkaline State
  • Powerful Antioxidant Protection
  • Natural Mint Flavor
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