General Questions

Can I combine these products during a strenuous workout?

Yes, some of our performance products can be taken multiple times a day or at different times a day depending on your schedule or workout routine and others are formulated so they can be consumed simultaneously before, during or after a strenuous workout session.

Are all of your products FREE of every known banned substances in each of the professional sports arenas?

Yes, all of our products are free of banned substances or ingredients that have been banned in each and every professional sports arena. Currently Amino Matrix and Just Essentials are informed sport certified and soon the whole line-up will be.

Are all of your products tested for identity, purity, potency and potential contaminants?

Yes, all Optimum EFX performance products are manufactured in registered GMP facilities. Each product is thoroughly tested to ensure each ingredient meets our high standard of purity, potency and that the finished product contains no contaminants. You can trust what our label says about our products.

Do I need to be training strenuously 5-6 days a week before I should use Optimum EFX performance products?

No, although our performance products are formulated for elite and professional athletes they can also be highly beneficial for instructors, trainers, weekend warriors, amateur athletes, single or short workout sessions and other individuals that are highly stressed mentally and physically.

What are the differences between Green Fuel and Red 54? Is one better than the other?

Red 54 is primarily made up of fruits and vegetables from the red or brightly colored families. Green Fuel has all the dark green and leafy vegetables. Both are excellent sources of micronutrients, antioxidants, superfoods, and healing digestive enzymes. Red54 has a more potent radical scavenging capability but Green Fuel has great alkalizing potential. It is best to enjoy both of them. Additionally, Red 54 has a natural berry flavor while Green Fuel has a natural mint flavor. Both are so delicious that even kids love them.

What products help with fat loss?

NeurON and Just Essentials, used correctly, support fat loss. NeurOFF via its ability to modulate cortisol and allow proper sleep can also have a significant effect on fat loss.

Can I mix Amino Matrix and RevitaPro?

Absolutely. Amino Matrix is our blend of precisely curated EAAs and other synergists that will fuel your body and promote muscle protein synthesis. RevitaPro is an exceptionally high-quality, whey protein blend that is made with pure micro-filtered whey protein isolates and not just whey protein concentrates like many other protein powder products. Neither one contains any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Taken together, especially post-workout you can optimize your recovery by giving your body all the strength boosting EAA’s as well as immunoglobulins your body needs to recover and make big gains.


What is different about RevitaPro from other protein powders I can buy at a health food store?

A big difference between RevitaPro and other protein powder products is that RevitaPro is made with pure micro-filtered whey protein isolates instead of the commonly found and less potent whey protein concentrates. RevitaPro is an extremely high quality, highly available and digestive-friendly whey protein isolate product that contains NO whey protein concentrates

Perhaps the biggest difference is what is NOT in RevitaPro.

Zero soy, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or artificial colors.

What do you mean when you say that RevitaPro has a natural balance of whey protein fractions?

Whey protein isolates that are processed correctly contain purified natural fractions of whey protein such as Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins (IgG1, IgG2, IgA and IgM), Glycomacropeptide and Lactoperoxidase. Lactoferrin delivers many benefits because it’s an iron-binding protein that appears to increase iron absorption and transport. Glycomacropeptide has anti-microbial capabilities and Immunoglobulins may neutralize toxins and viruses. Lactoperoxidase is a secretory enzyme that acts as a natural microbial agent and can inhibit bacterial growth. These give the protein immuno-protective properties. However, certain process such as ion-exchange alter, degrade or altogether eliminate these crucial fractions. Revitapro is carefully processed to maintain this natural balance.

Amino Matrix

What makes the Amino Matrix superior to other amino acid products currently available in the market?

Amino Matrix is a carefully curated Leucine-rich blend of all the essential amino acids. It is vegan sourced, free of all artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, and stimulants. It is further enhanced with nutrients that support work capacity and recovery from training. Please take the time to read the full Amino Matrix description here.

Why do you recommend essential amino acids and not branch chain amino acids?

BCAA’s have long been promoted by the supplement industry to be key in maximizing workouts and promoting protein synthesis. This outlook, however, is not backed by science. Understanding how EAA metabolism works changes this outlook.

BCAA’s are the branch chain amino acids, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. While Leucine is an important amino acid in its role as a substrate and more importantly as a trigger for other mechanisms involved in protein synthesis, it needs other players in order to deliver the full effects.

Just taking BCAA’s is analogous to pulling a trigger on an unloaded gun; it may fire but there is no effect without the proper ammunition. Amino Matrix contains the correct amount of ammunition and the trigger necessary to truly maximize your high-performance gains.

Additionally, Optimum EFX has never sold or endorsed BCAAs. Our founder has been preaching about the importance of EAAs since the late 90’s and started sell then in 2008. Some other companies sell both BCAAs and EAAs. We find this practice to be disingenuous once you fully understand amino acid metabolism.


Can I take NeurON every day?

Many people use NeurON daily for optimum focus, concentration, and motivation. Additionally, because many of the ingredients in NeurON also help with fat loss some people use it for that purpose. We recommended that if you chose to use NeurON every day that you use the caffeine free version.

However, if you choose to use the caffeinated version be mindful of other sources of caffeine you consume and adjust accordingly. NeurON with Caffeine contains 150mg. A modest dose by pre-workout standards. For comparison purposes, consider that 8 oz of Starbucks Pike Place brewed coffee has 155mg.

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